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How Do You Maintain Your Kenmore Water Softener?

A Kenmore water softener is really just like any other water softener. It works the same. It has the same parts. So, as you might expect, how you maintain it would be no different. So, how do you maintain your Kenmore water softener so that it is working well all the time?

Salt Bridging

The number one enemy of any water softener is salt bridging. It happen when there is a gap between the salt and the water in the salt brine. Having salt mixed in the water is critical to the production of soft water.

Although the salt is not responsible for removing hard minerals in the water, contrary to what most people think, without the brine solution, it will be impossible to renew the beads that are responsible for making hard water soft. To understand what we mean, let’s take a look at how a water softener works.

When water enters the tank, it goes through tens of thousands of sodium-coated beads that attract the hard minerals in the water. After some time, the beads become fully coated in these hard minerals, making it necessary to renew them by washing them with the brine solution in the water softener tank.

Kenmore Water Softener

However, because of humidity and low quality salt, the salt bridges, making it impossible for the cleaning beads to be effective.

So, if you want to keep your Kenmore water softener effective, always do two things. One is use only pure salt or pure sodium chloride (rock salt is out of the question). Another thing that you should do is check the humidity of the surrounding area of the water softener tank.

Water softeners are perhaps one of the most low-profile home appliances. Except for the part where you fill them with salt and inspect them every two years, they are practically set-and-forget appliances. This is true regardless of the brand you are using.

Kenmore water softeners are popular and are reasonably priced. Look for  installation manual kenmore water softener And you can easily find a model that is less than $400. Compare this to other brands that cost over $1,000. But don’t let the low price deceive you. As we said before, they are popular and there is a reason for this – they work well to soften the water.

Are You New To Water Softeners?

But if you are new to water softeners, you might be wondering why it matters that the water is soft.

It matters because hard water can affect the look of your kitchen sink. If you see sediments around the faucet, that is the product of hard water. If your skin is dry after showering, hard water os the culprit.

Thankfully, though, products like Kenmore water softener can clean the water of hard minerals that are causing scales to form around your faucet. If you want to buy your own Kenmore, you will find the different models available on Amazon, Lowe’s and other retailers. Just make sure to compare the prices of the different dealers so you can get a great deal.

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