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How Long Does It Take To Get A Social Security Card As A New Immigrant?

If you’re planning to immigrate to the United States, there are a few documents you need to provide. First, depending on your immigrant visa, you will become a permanent resident of the US and that’s why you need a social security number. It’s one of the mandatory requirements for you to work in the US or conduct any business with a financial institution or the bank. Additionally, a social security number is required to pay taxes or to list a dependent in a tax return.

Requesting For A Social Security Number With Your Visa

Did you apply for a social security number along with your visa? The relevant authorities will share the information with the social security department to allow you to get your social security number efficiently. You don’t need to fill a special application or visit the social security office to apply for it. You will be issued with the number and card upon arriving in the US.

On the other hand, if you already have a social security number, you will get a replacement card. We can also mail the social security card to your official mailing address, where you will get a permanent resident card from the department of Homeland Security. You should get it within 3 weeks after arriving in the US. You should call the social security office if you don’t get it within that time or if there’s a change to your mailing address once you arrive in the US.

If You Didn’t Apply For A Social Security Card With Your Visa

If you applied for your immigrant visa separately from your social security number, there’s a different procedure to follow. You should visit a social security office and apply for your number. If you have a permanent address in the US, you should contact the office to find out the nearest location to apply your number from. Make sure you have the following documents when visiting the office.

• A valid passport with an immigrant visa endorsement
• A valid birth certificate as well as one for each member of your family applying for the social security number.

If you’re applying for a replacement social security card, you need your passport with the valid immigrant visa endorsement or if you have a permanent resident card, bring it with you. When you visit the office, a representative should help you complete the application. Once we have verified the documents, your social security card will be send to you within 2 weeks. If there’s further verification required for any of the documents, it might take longer than 2 weeks.

Note that, any information provided during the application of a social security card is confidential. The information might be shared with other government agencies as per the Privacy Act but not any other third parties. Therefore, your social security number will be safe from any malicious third parties. Once you receive the card, keep it safe to prevent identity theft and misuse of your personal information by other parties. Visit us at APPLICATION-FILING-SERVICE.COM

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