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Small Business Success – Marketing On A Shoestring

Small business owners are well aware that marketing is an important contributing factor to the ongoing success on their enterprise. however, hey are also aware that every cent that is spent on marketing needs to provide an exceptional return on investment.

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Smaller businesses simply do not have the financial resources to match the marketing spend of larger companies so they need to look for innovative and cost effective ways to promote their goods and services.

So what are some strategies that the small business can employ in order to make sure that they get that bag for their marketing buck.

Small Business Strategies

Firstly it is absolutely essential for the small business to harness the power of the social media. This is an extremely cost effective way to form a closer relationship with existing customers and feed a sales funnel by attracting new business. Active social media accounts also allow the smaller business to react to customer inquiries and deal with complaints extremely quickly – something that traditional (and expensive) above the line advertising does not.

The power of social media also harnesses loyalty. Some social media sites allow customers to post reviews of products. Positive reviews show that the company products great services or products and many studies have shown that these reviews are major contributing factors to motivating buying behavior.

Power Of Social Media

Social media also allows the company to showcase new and existing products and services.

In tandem with a social media presence a small business needs to have a professionally designed and optimized website. For a website to be effective it should have clear information and if products are being sold it should feature a way for customers to order online. Especially important is ensuring that the website appears at the top of the search engine rankings when potential customers are searching for a particular service or product. This can mean that the small business owner seeks the services of a company or individual that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. This will add to the cost of establishing the website – but it will pay off in increased business inquiries.

The website should also feature a link to a newsletter. A pop up on the site asking if existing customers or visitors to the site would like to receive news or be notified of special offers is a great way to get email addresses which can be used to build a database that will allow for the relationship with existing customers to be maintained – and attract new customers. The small business owner should however be aware that continual communication can overwhelm subscribers – make sure that communication is pertinent and adds value to the subscriber.

Cost Effective

If the small business has motor vehicles which are used in conducting day to day operations then seo internet marketing services of vehicle is a cost effective way to promote goods and services. It’s not necessary to opt for a full paint job which can be pricey. One option is to purchase magnets that can be attached to the vehicles. these should feature contact details, the company logo and if possible a short description of the goods and services on offer.

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