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What Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Usually Cover

Commercial general liability insurance is something that every commercial business should have. It protects you against lawsuits that may be coming your way. If you have never had a business before, you may not know about the benefits of this type of insurance. It can be expensive, but it’s going to be much more expensive if you are sued by people that can affect your business at a very high financial level. Let’s discuss what CGL policies will cover, and why you need to have this for the preservation of your company.

What Does It Cover?

This insurance can cover many different things. For example, the standard insurance policy will ensure that liability claims relating to property damage or bodily injury are dealt with via this insurance. These injuries could occur as a result of completed operations, products, operations, or accidents that occur on the premises. These were originally introduced back in the 1980s, designed to completely replace what was called comprehensive liability insurance. You can find many companies that offer this insurance that you can purchase, some of which will have very reasonable premiums and low deductibles.

Where To Find These Policies Online

Finding these policies is easy for a couple different reasons. First of all, there are quite a few companies that take them out every year. Second, like any other insurance, businesses that need to be covered when just starting out, or if they are trying to save money, are going to be looking for new quotes. You will want to use websites that are in contact with multiple companies. This will allow you to submit your information, get multiple quotes back quickly, and then choose one that is going to be the most affordable for your business.

How Long Will It Take To Put The Policy In Force?

It typically is active the moment that you make a payment. If you are doing this online, it happens right after you have made a payment with your debit or credit card. They will then send you the policy digitally, and may even provide you with a physical copy. They will talk to you about all of the things that it will cover. If you ever need to upgrade this policy, you can speak to the insurance company that you got this from. They will increase it immediately, making it very easy to expand this policy as your business grows.

Once you have your commercial general liability insurance in place, you can feel more confident about the security of your company. You won’t be subject to frivolous lawsuits from people that are just trying to use accidents to generate revenue. Of course, there are legitimate reasons why people may sue because of a product or occurrence at your place of business that has harmed them, but it’s good to know that the insurance is going to cover any legal matters that may occur throughout the course of the existence of your business. Find more information at

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