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Written by Roberto Taylor

Companies often provide performance reports to the public, it is annually produced once a year, but can be given frequently.  Company performance report discloses the annual financial performance of the business. Formal company performance report includes an introduction, background information, performance metrics definition, and data.

Metrics definition and data is essential as it includes the actual budget expenditures compared to the budget, current year sales compared to sales from the previous years, and the number of customer complaints received.

Company performance report reflects the performance and accomplishment of the company in the areas of product safety, quality and integrity, marketing and innovation, community support, workplace rights and protecting the environment.

It gives the corporate investor relation managers a complete insight into the trading activities of the company’s listed securities. The report consists both the table and graphical presentations of the share liquidity key figures, the historical prices, the trade volumes and the brokering activity.

The daily company performance report provides an insight into the volume of trades on a daily basis and the largest buyers and sellers. It includes the complete trade log for the preceding trading day and a broker ranking that shows the top 15 sellers and buyers.

The monthly company performance report provides the daily trade and liquidity information of the previous and current year for a listed company. The monthly report includes the detailed data, like the share liquidity key figures, historical prices, and trade volumes.

To write a company performance report, you have to determine and gather the metrics. By then, you have to input it into a software program that can organize the metric data. Do not forget to input the introduction of the performance report, which provides the relevant information of the performance of the company. Moreover, add a conclusion and recommendation at the close of the report, and provide the list of references and sources that are used in the company performance report.

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