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Customer Product Requirement

Written by Roberto Taylor

Customer product requirement, the heart of your product, it outlines the overall direction and goals of the product. Successful products are the ones that meet the needs of the customer, these products are innovative and offer a value.

Customer product requirement is a document that contains all the requirements that are needed for a certain product. It is written to inform the users and make them understand what a product can do. However, it generally avoids defining how the product will do it in order to allow the designers and engineers of the interface to practice their expertise in providing an optimal solution.

Customer product requirement is one of the most important documents that should be maintained, it is considered to be the Bible for marketing, engineering, and design.

The customer product requirement is an ongoing process that evolves as the business progresses. When the product requirement fails, it will lead to different assumptions of the product. It helps balance the usability and aesthetics of the product against the functional concerns of the engineers.

How will you define the purpose of the product? Discuss the user problem, the prospective demographics, and the cases to be addressed.

Describe the feature of the product. It should be described with regards to the interaction design and user experience to provide flexibility to the engineers.

Moreover, it is important to discuss the criteria for the product. This is the most technical section of the customer product requirement, it discusses five areas of the product; the functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and supportability.

In the early stages of the product development, it should be eagerly scrutinized and agreed by the owner.

Customer product requirement brings the products an improved customer value, and it better integrates the developmental process of the product, and improve the team communication and understanding.

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