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Customers Are Not ALWAYS Right

Written by Roberto Taylor

In late 1909, a man named Harry Gordon Selfridge, who was also known to be the founder of the Selfridge’s Department Store in London, coined the phrase—”the customer is always right”.

The phrase is used to entice the customers that quality services are being offered by the company, and to motivate the employees to offer quality services to the customers.

We all know that this phrase is an old business cliché. However, most of us are dreading to ask this question, are the customers always right, even when they are obviously wrong? Should this still be the principle that drives everything we do, no matter what?

Customers have the right to be listened on what their needs are; have the right to be treated the best way possible; have the right to understand the service or product they will receive; have the right to have clarity and communication.

It is a fact that the customers are the key component in your business and without them, your business will not grow. However, businesses should neglect the phrase once and for all, here are the following reasons why it is not healthy.

It makes the customers unhappy. In conflicts with your employees and unruly customers, the best thing to do is take the side of your employees. You have to value your employees, most especially if the customer is out of line.

Abrasive customers are to its advantage. There are abusive customers who demand anything. It is better to be nice to the nice customers, you should not tolerate abusive customers with better treatment and conditions.

Toxic customers. It is not true that the more customers, the better. There are toxic customers who barge in; in situations like this, you always have to protect your employees. Whether you make more or lose money, what matters is the respect, dignity, and better treatment of the employees.

It makes a worse customer service. Do not put the customers first, the result will not satisfy you. Instead, put your employees first. A well-treated employee will give a better service because they care more about the people, they release more positive energy, they are more motivated, and moreover, they are happy.

There are customers who are plain wrong. There are customers who interfere the duties of the employees even if it is obvious that he or she is giving the discomfort. These kind of customers are better off without them, your employees are more than those unreasonable customers.

The moment you know the value between a customer and the employees, be patient and set a great service while protecting your own interest.

The customer may not always be right, but we should not put them into a situation that can make them wrong. The solution to resolve the misunderstandings is to listen, establish facts and explain unemotionally, explore the options and offer the best service to the terms and conditions. You have the right as the provider of goods and services.

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